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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  August 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MDT

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his last final, in english town. >> they have been good. they had a good car last year. they're even better this year. but they're making progress. and in that driver's seat, steve torrence is not only better off the starting line, those two things make a big difference. >> staging wins located next to us. i can't quite see next to us. let's show you the final four in funny car in case you missed how we got to this point, and it's going the number one qualifying position. he's been the number one qualifier in back to back races. then it's ron capps, beating the suite buster, tommy johnson jr. >> i can't say there's any stronger car, maybe with the exception of jeff diehl, but
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he can turn around. >> vincent nobile will take on jason line who's putting together a career here seven times already in the winners circle. where's greg anderson? he got knocked out early. maybe butner will get a win. >> i hate to handicap anybody. aaron strong has been making progress. if he does get to the final, he vincent nobile looking awfully strong. >> these guys are starting to catch up. we witnessed that with vincent nobile. saw strides made by erica enders. expect the gap to be shrinking. >> the timing is great for the competition to catch up and get that reset. it's not just one or two teams that are happy. it's going to be several giving the summit team a run for their
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safety equipment does everything it can to protect the driver. we take a look back at some of nhra's bigger events. >> the single most important task of any racing machine is to protect your driver in the event of an incident. >> amoco car out of control. did a series of violent rolls, over and over and over again.
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>> wow, boom. he lights that thing up in a huge explosion.
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gas. hang on, there, ron. didn't fully blossom. that was a wild ride down there. i believe this is what you call catastrophic failure. he lights one up big. pop bang, it oh! he went down. hold on, big-time crash. the car comes apart. >> he doesn't have a parachute out.
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oh! back in charge, massive explosion, up against the right side wall. where's the entire back half. tires blown away. i haven't seen an explosion like that in a long time. that pressure has to go somewhere. but it's going to release and flip its body in two and t that dodge into a convertible. >> kaboom! wow! >> oh, hang on. he smacks the wall. ooh, boy. hang on there. into the wall.
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there. you saw that car tried to stay with it. he got back in it. and made a left turn into the wall. >> and that is why i always tell anybody who comes to the racetrack, never take your eye off a running race car. this happened earlier today, courtney force, trying to get back in to the race slaps the wall. she continues to be evaluated at a local hospital, this one week after virtually the same thin, an incident that fractured her pelvis. but anytime you put nitromethane in the tank, crazy things can happen. let me also say, thank goodness for all of the men and women and safety suppliers who keep you guys safe. you've been in one of those incidents. i was a pit reporter when you slapped a wall and broke a rib. those don't look like they're
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you're going to tell me, trust me, they are. >> they may not look like it, but these are the perils of speed. when you talk about a funny car, they're short-wheelbase. you have a limited visual. you can't sigh that good. and you're talking about fractions of a second drivers have to make a decision. they're very hard to control. when you're talking cars that accelerate 0-100 miles per hour in a second, that can happen. >> on sunday, you always want to be the first to cross the stripe. that is something that del worsham has done twice today. we're standing by in the pits. >> del worsham finished packing his chutes. what's wrong with this one? >> blew a panel out of it.
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get are parachutes. >> let he ask you something, you guys are now running in the 380s, low 380s in qualifying. it's so quick. you're going 1,000 feet, how does your brain process that? how how much can you remember from any particular run? >> quite a bit. cars are much faster. you don't want to overdrive, you want to have it shut and you make a safe run. things do happen fast. >> i know you like to tune cars too. and i know you've been up there with johno and nikki and checking things out. what are you going to be doing? ? . >> we're going to pick it up, try to make one of our best runs. i think it will be matt hagan or a team up there.
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same. >> the yellow fellows are ready to throw down. >> del worsham isne of those drirswho started at a young age and has only driven in nitroren cars. >> i was licensed in an alcohol funny car and then an alcohol my troy. an alcohol funny car which has a the talent. >> you had gear shifting. >> the proving ground, it seems that everybody comes out of the
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>> aaron strong advancing on to his first semi-finals in his ninth career race. look at his hands, look how dirty they are. i know he's working on the clutch. what's been the biggest lesson you've learned so far? >> just the rounds, now we're atrying to turn around. almost didn't make it up. got all my friends, family helping us turn the thank everybody who's helping us. >> how tight is this turn around? >> i think we have a couple minutes. we rolled up there, jumped in, went down the track. >> good luck. >> i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> and i see top fuel cars in the lane. as i go back to the pit, del worsham is buttoning things up, getting ready to come to the starting line. nitro semi finals are on the way
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protect the harvest northwest
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. back in seattle, washington. the nhra mello yello drag racing series. they're making their final preparations. up next is semi-finals on top fuel on what has turned out to
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a view of mt. rainier. we love racing cars. pro stock semi-finals features a man in his 33rd ever pro-stock event. is today the day bo butner can take it the distance? joe kernens is with him. >> it feels relaxed. how relaxed are you right now? >> pretty relaxed. it's been a long three weeks, but going up against aaron, he's a good sportsman racer. but i feel good about today, i try to feel good about every day, today might be our day. >> i want to talk about another ride in the back of your pit. look at this motorcycle here. this thing is beautiful. is this yours? >> no, it's the original mad vad design. he is my crew chief.
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ago, transformed it and painted it. but he built it behind his house in his garage. it looks crazy, because he is crazy. anybody who wants one, come see me at the next race. he sells them for like $100 or something. >> $100? how many have you got? >> i don't have one. >> have you ever ridden it? >> i've ridden it one time, but it take as he can do anything. >> beautiful hardware down there in bo butner's pit. steve torrence and the capps come up to the start being line. treated to a special weekend here. we expect it to continue now where track conditions and weather conditions are virtually identical to what they've been all day. >> i don't think the tuners are minding the conditions today.
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it's comfortable. ? . >> we'll see an increase in temperature. the tuners have to make clutch adjustments, adjustments to the fuel system to maintain some level of performance. on a day like today, track temperature has hung in there. three haven't had to make a lot of adjustments. if they want to run a little quicker they can do some things. antron brown. all of them have been fortunate to win at various times, but it's jr, the defending champion here. he has been on a roll lately, take a look at antron brown. jr, in the finals here a lot lately. i walked in to him and said virtually the same thing you said at the top of the show yesterday. it's about time. and finally, that kind of a thing, yeah, he was happy to get that monkey off his back.
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competition. they had a good-running car. they've been doing a good job on the starting line. if he can get into a little bit of a rhythm, the car becomes more predictable. when he tells it to do this or this. it makes him feel better. can do a better job in the seat. >> we saw james put something on that throttle >> they want to make sure that throttle doesn't come off. a lot of drivers become reliant on that. when they squeeze into that, and the throttle stop's not there, it could do some damage to it. but they want to get that throttle stop on there and hit the 600 rpms on the burnout. ? so the burnouts are complete for
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introduce themsees. 3.6 second pass in top fuel. >> j.r. todd, drive for calet at that from indiana. >> he would like nothing more than to win for the first time in six races. >> i'm steve torrence from kilgore, texas. >> he revealed that performance. he had a stint placed into his heart after a very minor heart attack. he fought cancer more than 15 years ago. as part of that, the doctors say, yeah, it created a little bit of a spot in an artery. >> steve torrence is tailor made for this. it's about horsepower and being tough. to be able to go through that and get in the seat of one of these high-powered cars is amazing. both these cars are coming into
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identical 369 runs. >> which jockey can ride their pony into the finish line first. >> it's going to be steve torrence, 3.695 seconds. so back to back, 3.69s. we call him steve o. todd coo have used another 3.698, but that wouldn't have gotten the job done for jr. >> both of these drivers near identical at the starting line. 300 feet, the biggest difference in this race for steve torrence was .02. it measures what the car does at 60 feet, 300 feet, 600 feet and right at the finish line for steve torrence.
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mom and kay. how about a top ten run there. steve torrence, into his fifth final run. and overall, the 16th of hit career, former alcohol dragster champion. >> great way to kick off the semi-finals as our attention goes to the start again. and antron brown waits to fire the unpredictable morgan lucas. how can you take a look at this team and their body of work and try to predict what they're going to do and there's no body of work to look at. >> don't underestimate morgan lucas. he has a lot of experience. he's won some big races. he may have been out of the seat for a little while. >> never underestimate morgan lucas.
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whenever he wants. he can reach out and snatch a win away from. you first in the burnout box will be lucas. antron brown right after. opportunity now to head to the top end. check in with john kernen. >> torrence climbed out of his car, big whoop. he's very, very happy. i guess my advice would be don't change anything. . >> these next cars are very fast. that is a -- driver. we've got some more bullets in the bank. we're going to try to get the job done. we ain't done it in the last few weeks, we're looking to do it now.
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toyota lane up against morgan. >> i'm antron brown, two-time, world fuel top champ from new jersey. >> his last final coming from u.s. nationals. who am i talking about? >> i'm morgan lucas, champion of the u.s. nationals from riverside, california. >> and now the >> and it's antron brown at 3.736 seconds. and morgan lucas was with him just past the 330 foot mark when the car started developing problems. antron brown into his 73rd final round in just top fuel.
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off the starting launch. what happened to marcus lucas's car, when you try to apply too much power, the traction is just not there. the traction may be there, but you're trying to apply too much. for antron brown, the car did fall off to a 373. but a loss of fire in that zone. it's about a loss of about 1200 horsepower is the reason that car slowed down, but it was enough to get him a win. >> heating up at the right time as we head to the u.s. nationals. last on tour. he will not have lane choice in that final. this is a team that can certainly step up and put a 3.6 second pass. it's antron, and it's steveo. del worsham is already in the starting position here, ready to fire his dhl car, still waiting
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and as the helmet comes off of antron brown, he gets a chance to look at his time slip as we check in with them. >> they're comparing the time slip. let's find out, what were you showing him right there? >> we're just seeing our numbers, what happened, you know, i mean, we heard that last round, and the voice had to make a quick switch, it got better out there. it stick we're looking at our early numbers. we still snuck up with that win. these mac tools, they're going to get to work with these tools and make it happen. we've got torrence. but we got something. we got the only one. >> i got another question for you. you give up lane choice by i think about 3.5, 400, how big a
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>> i don't think lane choice is that big of a difference. he might go left lane. but both these lanes are good enough to get the job done. and people's proving it one run to the next. we got some cake, we just got to get a little icing, a little icing, baby, woo. >> sure do like cake. this ishagan, who came in a hurried pace. the body goes matt hagan is already strapped inside tat raise car, indicating perhaps some problems in the pitts and the turn around. >> a lot of times, not everything goes as planned. they can encounter something maybe mechanically or when the motor is being assembled. i've had a lot of runs, a lot of races where you can hear a push rod pop. so the important thing is they're here on the starting line. matt's strapped in.
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>> on that last run, hagan pulled off to the side. and the explosion was so big. there was a lot of damage to the super charger, and that's what held the team up. hagan was already in the car, the team ready to go. they did get in their warmup, they were late getting in here, but they made it. >> hagan looking to race in a fourth final round. been a while, though, since he's claimed a wally. check in now with bruno. dickey venables looks calm, cool and collected, but i guarantee you, under that shirt, heart beating just a bit for a team that had to hurry to the safety line. making a couple final adjustments in the shutdown area, perhaps giving that team a little extra time. let's look at matt hagan and what jamie was talking about and
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that forced hagan to pull off. that's hagan on the left-hand side. he looks pretty good here. sometimes when you let off that throttle that's when you know you have a problem. >> he did say it kicked the rod out. and not always can we see what happens, but the driver, more importantly can feel it. when it breaks a rod, it feels real rough. you're sitting right next to the belt housing. >> that rod is a connecting rod that connects to the piston. it's very vital. >> he referred to it as a bone. when you look at that motor, it looks like a chicken bone sticking out of it. that's a pretty expensive fix. >> about to get the order to fire, but a quick look at steve torrence's pit. they'll strip this all the way down to the brock. take that clutch out and reservice it.


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